Sunday, December 10, 2006

ZZZZZZZZ Watford 0-0 Reading

Relegation certainties Watford have announced two new signings which will be completed during the January transfer window. They are Andre the Giant and Kevin Francis.

Floyd on Football has a lot of sympathy with Watford last season as they marched headlong towards an unlikely play-off promotion at the expense of several divine right 'big' clubs. That novelty has happily long since worn off. It's fair to say that Aidy Boothroyd doesn't believe in the beautiful game, more the rubesque game - stick eleven big blokes in your team and hit scary big diagonal balls for an hour and a half. It is football by osmosis. And as a spectacle it is diabolical to watch.

Reading were in many ways equally culpable; with the slight frames of messrs Oster and Hunt not up for the physicality of the ocassion, our sole tactic was Hahnemann's long punt up to little Lita and diddy Doyle which as tactical plans go is akin to asking the 7 Dwarves to decorate your christmas tree. However, given that we had had a long, brusing midweek trip which denied us of another couple of first team members laid up with injury in Jon Fearne's Emergency Ward 10, Floyd on Football tends to have more sympathy with Reading after this entirely tedious football match.

Match report? Lita rolled two chances wide and erstwhile Royal Darius Henderson hit one down Hahnemann's gulliver. All this 'action' took place in the first half; the second 45 was so lacking in incident that it is entirely possible that Del Amitri wrote their song Nothing Really Happens with this encounter in mind. The one piece of good news is that we only have to watch Watford once more this season before their inevitable and deserved relegation.

Reading: Hahnemann, Bikey, Shorey, Sonko, Ingimarsson, Oster (Little, 89), Sidwell, Harper, Hunt, Doyle, Lita (Long, 74). Subs not used: Federici, Sodje, Gunnarsson.

Floyd's Favourite: Sonko. He will have a sore head this morning.


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