Monday, October 16, 2006


Floyd on Football was delighted to hear that Chelsea Football Club will be writing to the FA with their "observations" on the incident during Saturday's match at the MadStad which has left Petr Cech with a fractured skull and facing a long lay-off. In fact, such a good idea deserves to be copied and Floyd on Football have penned a letter of "observations" to the FA in response to Chelsea's outrageous accusations of late, the text of which follows:

Dear Sirs,

I write in response to the unfortunate incident in the opening minute of the Reading vs Chelsea fixture at the Madejski Stadium Saturday 14th October. It is with great disappointment that I note Chelsea Football Club's intention to write to yourselves with their own letter of 'observations' of events on Saturday in response to their own manager's quite disgraceful accusations immediately after the match and as a Reading season ticket holder for ten years and avid follower of the game at all levels I feel compelled to respond to criticisms of our players.

As you are no doubt aware, Reading Football Club has an outstanding disciplinary record in recent seasons which is something that we are proud of almost as much as the success we have enjoyed recently. Over the past two seasons prior to this we have had not one player dismissed in league matches and certainly before Saturday's clash our disciplinary record in our inaugural season in the Premiership had also been outstanding. The player in question, Stephen Hunt, is one who has played more than 50 matches for our club with, as I understand, a mere solitary caution to his name. Having watched the team at home and away in almost every single match last season I can rarely remember Hunt having so much as a foul given against him never mind ever deliberately setting out to injure an opponent as the Chelsea manager so unfairly suggested.

I am sure that it has not escaped your attention that the overwhelming majority of independent media and ex-player pundits have come out in support of Hunt, who himself has written to Cech expressing his regret at the unfortunate injury which is a sentiment shared by absolutely everyone connected with Reading Football Club. Our club has gained a reputation as a forward thinking, progressive and not to mention fair and friendly club in recent times and the conduct of Reading Football Club having been put under the miscroscope so much in recent days since the incident on Saturday is, I am certain that you will agree, beyond reproach. In offering our sincerest best wishes to Petr Cech we also wholeheartedly support our player who has unwillingly become part of an unwelcome media-circus, and I trust as guardians of the game of football in this country you will agree that Stephen Hunt has no case to answer in terms of the frankly slanderous intention that he would have deliberately caused such a ghastly injury.

Yours Faithfully etc.


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