Saturday, December 17, 2005


Saturday's win at Millwall, as well as being the 8th consecutive league win, extended the unbeaten league run to 23 games - Reading Football Club have officially gone 50% of a league season undefeated which is extraordinary form in such a competitive division. At the risk of jinxing the team ahead of a testing festive season programme, this is something well worth celebrating and here in black and white is the unbeaten run in all it's glory:

9/8 (A) Brighton w2-0
13/8 (A) Preston North End w3-0
20/8 (H) Millwall w5-0
27/8 (A) Watford d0-0
29/8 (H) Burnley w2-1
10/9 (A) Coventry City d1-1
13/9 (H) Crystal Palace w3-2
17/9 (H) Crewe w1-0
24/9 (A) Norwich City w1-0
28/9 (A) Southampton d0-0
1/10 (H) Sheffield United w2-1
16/10 (H) Ipswich Town w2-0
18/10 (A) Hull City d1-1
22/10 (A) Stoke City w1-0
29/10 (H) Leeds United d1-1
1/11 (H) Sheffield Wednesday w2-0
5/11 (A) Queens Park Rangers w2-1
19/11 (H) Hull City w3-1
22/11 (A) Ipswich Town w3-0
26/11 (A) Plymouth Argyle w2-0
3/12 (H) Luton Town w3-0
10/12 (H) Brighton w5-1
17/12 (A) Millwall w2-0


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